Support for Plex

A plugin to integrate with my personal Plex library of creative commons music would be excellent to have. I already have everything tagged up and organized nicely there, so simply connecting to it instead of re-scanning all the files from the NAS would be very convenient.

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I’ll drag this suggestion back to the top. It would be great to use volumio as a remote plex server. Then I could use the plex iphone app to browse and control. Unfortunately the plex UI is better for discovery than the volumio UI.

I have not been able to search it out so I apologize for resurrecting this old thread. Is this support available now?

I have a large PLEX library and my family is trained to use the PLEX app on their phones already. I would love to start dabbling with the RPI audio hardware as well as Volumio but do not want to have everyone retrain on a different app.

I’d like to try a a Allo boss and volt combo with a RPI running Volumio connected to my QNAP PLEX server keeping playback controls on the PLEX mobile app.

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i would love to see a plex plugin. is there any solution to it?

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Me too!
Would love the possibility to play at least music on the Volumio distro that is hosted on some Plex server of a friend. A Plex plugin would be awesome, but perhaps not easy to maintain.
Looking forward to hear about it.