Support for MPD stickers


Does anyone know why stickers are not supported in volumio’s MPD, and if there’s a way to support them? MPD stickers is a way to enhance information stored by MPD for each song, for instance with stickers we could implement songs rating in the webui. But it doesn’t work : if I try

mpc sticker set song <uri> rating 3

which, according to this man page , should create a sticker ; I get an error message saying sticker is an unknown command. Digging a little bit more, I’ve found out stickers are disabled in C code when a constant named “ENABLE_SQLITE” is undefined.

So, any idea how to fix this? Should we recompile MPD with some option to enable sqlite?

What’s weird is that I have the stickers SQL file on disk (/var/lib/mpd/sticker.sql), and the file isn’t empty, so I wonder if stickers were previously enabled, and became disabled later? Maybe through an apt-get upgrade?

Ok, I can recompile mpd with SQL support… This seems a good idea to me to have rating support!

Thank you michelangelo,it’s great.I control MPD in DLNA with J.River I could enjoy the rating by SQL.

@michelangelo cool! :slight_smile:

@clsidx are you sure that J.River uses rating through MPD stickers? Do you have information on that (like the sticker name /value info) ? Because since it’s non standard, up to the client developer, if we do something about MPD stickers it would be nice to make it interoperable with other clients.

Jotak,this is a question also :smiley: ,I ask if DLNA rating work with a SQL Database.There is but always developed ?

Has there been any movement to support MPD stickers and/or ratings in Volumio? Even if I had to use the MPC interface to work with stickers it would nice if it was not directly support by Volumio at this time.

Any news on stickers or sqlite support?

Here you go for instructions…