Support for HLS radio streams


I would very much appreciate if the next version of Volumio could provide playback support for HLS audio/radio streams.
Since February this year the BBC demised its legacy infrastructure and replaced it with ‘Apple friendly’ HLS streaming kit.

Initially they hid the underlying URL’s as their intention was for users to use a device/PC and a flash enabled player. However it did not take long for smart people on the net to work out the URL’s. For example for BBC Radio 2 96kbps International stream:

Playlist: … o_two.m3u8

What the playlist returns:
as-hls-ww-live.bbcfmt.vo.llnwd.n … _length=24

Currently my Volumio/Pi sits idle and I am forced to use tunein on an iPod Touch to playout my favourite radio station (BBC R2).
Finally, the BBC have said that they will also support DASH from the Summer (which is now over in the UK) so if HLS is a none starter DASH support would work in the near term.

Thank you!


ffplay could play the steam, it implies that ffmpeg can decode it


Made the following changes and MPD can now play the HLS

[code]diff --git a/src/decoder/DecoderThread.cxx b/src/decoder/DecoderThread.cxx
index 3ba7922…2abbe4c 100644
— a/src/decoder/DecoderThread.cxx
+++ b/src/decoder/DecoderThread.cxx
@@ -236,7 +236,7 @@ decoder_run_stream_fallback(Decoder &decoder, InputStream &is)
const struct DecoderPlugin *plugin;

  •   plugin = decoder_plugin_from_name("mad");
  •   plugin = decoder_plugin_from_name("ffmpeg");
      return plugin != nullptr && plugin->stream_decode != nullptr &&
              decoder_stream_decode(*plugin, decoder, is);


Pardon me for my dumbness, where do I have to actually input these settings so that I can stream?