Support a non-debian based platform


I’m currently considering getting volumio running on a new platform. I haven’t been able to fully understand how the volumio build system is organized, but what I can tell so far is that is is an augmentation of a debian system, is that correct?

Could anyone give me some guidance in order to get volumio running on another OS? I’m looking at a board that is running an ADSP-SC589 processor which has an A5 (armv7) core. The BSP from Analog Devices is buildroot based.

My current thoughts are to:

  1. compile MPD for this platform, make similar configuration modifications ( after I determine what they are )
  2. compile and install all the dependent packages in buildroot ( this includes the packages.json as well as some other ones reference in )
  3. Install the .js volumio web service
  4. Figure out all the rest of the details.

Any help would be appreciated.


You don’t need anything of the above, since we have an arm rootfs already produced by our build script. What you need to do is add your device (look at raspberryimage and raspberryconfig) rename them to your liking and edit them as follows:

  • If your device needs an uboot add it (look at odroid scripts)
  • Add your specific kernel (still, look at odroid scripts)
  • Add specific binaries for your system, if needed

Cannot help you more than that since I’m away, but you can fork our buld repo and post here your results and we ll try to help

3 years later, similar question. Except I really do want to use buildroot and not a pre-existing rootfs. Has anyone seen this or done this yet?

There is no way you can achieve this, as there are several components relying on a Debian rootfs.
We have a dedicated build environment for various devices (arm and x86) supporting this.

It would be very interesting to know why you would need another rootfs.
Please explain your problem, perhaps you do not need a new solution.

Thanks for the reply. There’s always a way to do something, just not sure if it’s worth the effort.

You may be right… it may be that I can be convinced to shift to the Volumio OS. But, that involves porting everything (a finite number, of course) we’ve done on our OS to yours. More importantly, it forces us to accept the design decisions you made in selecting your OS over the ones we made in selecting ours.

At the moment, I have a wonderful workflow set up with buildroot. I write my kernel code and output a patch for my buildroot process. I’ve created the configs and make files for a few other packages I need, plus the patches for them. Then buildroot runs and compiles / packages everything. It manages my cross-compilation, kernel and u-boot compilation as well as apps. It’s very clean for versioning / patching. And I have no package manager on my devices (because I don’t need a package manager running on them).

I’m not sure that a forum post is the best way to work this out. I reached out to Cris directly. Maybe a couple of us could have a quick chat about how to move forward?

who is Cris?
and where do you have added value over our build (combined OS and Volumio) for diff platforms.
We do not do all kernels ourselves, sometimes suppliers stock versions, sometimes our own, sometime third party (like armbian). Why would your solution fit us better? Please email me or Michelangelo (see our profile) for details.

I didn’t mean to imply that mine is better for you than yours. But my workflow is better for me than yours.

I connected with Michelangelo offline to discuss things further. Thanks for your time.

Hello All,
can you please tell me what was the final say in this Buildroot thing, thanks in advance :smiley:

No progress there simply because at the moment our build system perfectly fits our needs