Suggestion: Touch Display Plugin integrated?

Hi, is that possible to make Touch Display Plugin as default which is integrated into the original Volumio package?

It’s really difficult to install it separately even on a fresh volumio image. Normally takes like 2 - 3 hours, stuck at the 70% for very long time… Which is really frustrated. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

touch_display is a already provided as plugin in the plugin manager. You don’t need to use ssh :wink:

Hi balbuze, I know it’s available in Plugin manager, but since from version 2.6xxx, the plugin manager doesn’t work from my network. It’s totally a blank page.

Where are you from?

We don’t include the touchscreen plugin in Raspberry PI images because it slows down the system quite a bit for PI under model 4. So we leave it as optional, since not all users need it (volumio is meant to be used as an headless player)

It is not integrated for devices like the Raspberry for performance reasons. The plugin also downloads quite a lot of Xorg and chromium related packages which are needed only for the kiosk. Not everyone would like to sacrifice that amount of system resources especially if Volumio is run headless (which is the operation mode it was desigend for).

P.S. Ah, michelangelo just beat me to it :slight_smile:

Hi michelangelo, I’m in China. The issue started from version 2.6xxx, it used to work here. That’s why I have to use SSH to install it, just completed the Touch Display plugin on my new burnt Volumio. Took almost two and half hours.

So I was just wondering, if you can offer an optional Volumio package with all standard plugins installed. That would help users like me :wink: , really can save a lot of times.

Ok, that explains why you don’t see it. The plugin repo is hosted on Github, which is blocked in China.
We can re-enable it but we won’t offer a separate package.

Other platforms such as X86 and Tinkerboard have it enabled by default, maybe you want to use those instead?

Many thanks for your reply, michelangelo.

Currently I’m working on a project to build a mini all-in-one player with PI3 and Volumio, the case has been built up, so I don’t want to try other system except PI3. Thanks.

Tinkerboard S is pin-to-pin compatible with PI3, has same I\O layout too…

Thanks, michelangelo. I’ll take a look at that.