Stutter with Volumio 1.5

When I play 44.1/16 files, there is occasional stuttering with Volumio 1.5. Even higher rates stutter even more! I increased the buffer size in the playback section of the GUI already. How do I resolve this?

Volumio 1.5
Meridian Explorer Asynchronous USB DAC
D-Link ShareCenter NAS
Realtek RTL8192CU comp. WiFi Dongle

It scares me how often playback is interrupted with Volumio 1.5 on my Cubox-i2… :frowning:

Not sure about the cubox but in RPI land v1.5 was a clear step back from V1.4 regarding hi res playback. V1.51 fixed the poor perforamnce to some extent but my jury is still out on v1.51 vs v1.4.

Maybe the volumio team could could advise best way forward with cubox.

It appears that my laptop stutters too i.c.w. my NAS. Suspect my NAS is the culprit. Anyone has a suggustion for a good, streaming suited, NAS? :slight_smile:

Are you connected via Wi-fi?
Which share protocol are you using?

Yes, connection via WiFi. I use NTFS.

I noticed that XBMC plays without interruptions. So the problem lies with Volumio I guess… :frowning:

I only had stuttering on DSD streaming from NAS.

All others seems ok. 44khz to 192khz 24bit.


hello guys,

I am experiencing massive stuttering in Volumio since about a week or so. I am using a Raspberry Pi B+ with Hifiberry DAC+. The stuttering seems to come at random, even the length of the playback interruptions seem to be of different length. During the playback interruptions the DAC light stays on.

I refreshed the SD Card with 1.55 yesterday, but the problem still exists. I tried increasing the buffer size but this didnt fix the problem.

Sometimes there are interruptions longer then 10 Seconds… So it’s pretty unusable right now. The Pi is connected via LAN to a Synology NAS (NFS Mount) and with every other device I have no problem streaming Music.

Just realized I cant even SSH the Pi or access the webfrontend when its interrupted. Seems like it is completely freezing in that state…

I am running out of ideas…

EDIT: Just found out I was working on a bad LAN port on my router. Hope that was the problem…

I had stutter and drop outs which would slowly sort themselves out on my new wireless, changed back to wired and perfect with no problems.

I have 2 setups, both connected to an NFS mounted NAS via wired gigabit ethernet, one of which stutters. The one that stutters is a beaglebone black connected to an audioquest dragonfly, which accepts up to 96kHz sampling rates only. This produces stutter (both with Volumio 1.4 and 1.5) with any source material that exceeds 96kHz. I briefly had the beagle hooked up to a dac which only accepts 48kHz through its USB input, and that similarly suffered stutter with >96kHz music.

Because of this I guessed that Volumio’s downsampling was working properly, and it might be down to USB quirks, RAM and/or processor power. so I bought a Cubox i4pro, which had 4x the RAM, way faster processor and the ability to connect up via toslink. It’s connected to a Cyrus DAC via toslink so I can take advantage of full sampling rates up to 192kHz. This has so far behaved perfectly. I haven’t had a chance to investigate whether it’s a USB thing yet by connecting the dragonfly to the Cubox, but one of these days I will. In the mean time I would love to hear what others think.

Bottom line, though – wifi sucks, and there’s probably no substitute for RAM and processor speed in the long run. Have you ruled out completely that it’s the fault of 1.5? Have you gone back to 1.4 to verify this?

I am streaming quite a while now via Airplay and all is working fine! :slight_smile:

Volumio 1.5 for Cubox-i.

Volumio starts to stutter after using it for a while. I have to restart my Cubox to solve it. Even then, the welcome sound can sound distorted, which indicates that playing music will also be distorted (experience shows). I have to restart Volumio again and again, until the welcome sound sounds ok. Then the stutter is also gone. For a while.

From your description, most probably is the hardware resource issue. Had been using 1.55 for 2 months now on the pi 2. So far no such issue except for DSD because my DAC cannot support DSD. Other than that all is working well.