Stuck on 44.1 kHz. Help

Hi, I’ve been using V3 for months now with no issues.

Setup is pi2aes (through Hifiberry Digi + Pro driver) > Sabaj D5 DAC. All of a sudden no matter what I play the sampling rate of the source audio, the DAC display stays at 44.1 (in Volumio interface it’s showing correct sampling (96kHz, 192 etc.). Running latest version of Volumio.

Audio plays normally.

I have no plugins, no config tweaks or mods, did not make any changes to system, did not update DAC firmware, no resampling. Used to show correct sampling rate on the day, now stuck on 44.1. Same behavior on all inputs (coax, i2s).

Reflashed. Did not even enable SSH. Same behavior.

What’s up?