Streaming to Volumio Hi-Fi via bluetooth

I picked up a Volumio Hi-Fi on the recommendation of my dealer for the primary use case of allowing my wife to stream to the big stereo via bluetooth from her phone. The chain is phone or PC > Volumio HiFi > DAC > preamp. What I’m experiencing though is that all bluetooth sources drop out after < 2 minutes and my DAC says it’s no longer receiving input. The source device thinks it’s still connected as it doesn’t switch back to the previous audio output. I’ve run the updater and successfully updated to the 2.916 release, but that brought no change in behavior.

So is bluetooth streaming just not something the Hi-Fi is very good at? It seems to work well enough as a transport for flac files on my NAS as well as streaming from various other online sources. And while that’s certainly useful, it’s not what I bought it for. I’m really wondering, since this is basically just a transport with all the decoding being done by my DAC, if I should have just gone with a Pi DIY.

Problem is a bit different after an update to 3.179. From an android phone, I get audio but the DAC clicks about every 2 seconds and there’s a dropout in the audio. From my PC, there’s no dropouts and the DAC doesn’t click, but there’s no audio at all.

Again the question is blue tooth just something this isn’t good at?