Streaming Tidal/Qobuz to Volumio2

So only a few more days until Tidal plug in is released?
will it be available for odroid from the start?


Any news?

I just installed the plugin from github, still doesn’t work, I’m guessing due to the API key issue.

If there is anything we can do, let us know!

Some days ago, I asked Qobuz again about the integration of Qobuz in Volumio.
Here’s the answer.

Thank you for your message and your interest in Qobuz.
The integration into the system Volumio is just in the negotiation. Unfortunately, we can not give you a specific date when you can expect it.

We are at your disposal for further questions and thank you for your patience.
Best regards,


Any news from the TIDAL integration?

Would also love to hear news about the Tidal plug in…

For now I will setup my C1+ with 1.5, so I can use Tidal via BubbleUPnP…


What is the status on the TIdal Integration?

I am really looking forward to it!

perhaps something to reed

This is the reply I gave:
I am Michelangelo, Volumio founder. I got in touch with Benoît back in December, signed the NDA, and got the API contract. I gave my company information (Volumio has a company behind it) and asked a small modification on the API agreement before signing it.
Since then no reply has been given, and I’m periodically sending emails to ask a response.
My understanding is that Qobuz is not interested in being supported in Volumio. If that’s not the case reply and we can move forward

Qobuz’ behaviour is depressing… why would they not want their service on as many systems as possible? It’s not like they sell hardware.

The fact that it exists for Kodi proves they have an incentive.

Lack of volumio support is the only thing holding me back from subscribing their service.

Thanks for the hard work Michaelangelo, please keep us updated if they respond.

Their reply is not needed, we are working to bring Qobuz support with a third-party (and paid) service

Any news on Tidal integration, as well?


Yes, we have it working. But more stuff needs to be completed before making it available to anyone.
I will give more details soon

Basically, we will have Volumio PLUS, a subscription service that will allow to have all streaming services integrated natively into Volumio. More details soon

Thanks for the reply!

I hope this approach allows playback of offline content…

I think it’s hard to understand how Tidal and others choose which devices can playback offline content… I mean there are smartphones for so little money I just can’t understand why many DAPs and open source approaches like Volumio are excluded!

BTW will it be something like Max2Play?

Will that be a subscription in top of what I’ll pay to the streaming service? Or something integrated.

If it’s an added monthly cost, perhaps consider also offering a one-time pricing, I think many prefer this approach.

Any estimations on timeline? Is it weeks/months?

I recently tested Volumio which is a real good and stable audio application for my digione allo renderer.

Unfortunately Qobuz is not available. For such problem I usually turn the problem by using bubble upnp running on a NAS and decalre the renderer to be “open home”
Then I use kazoo to access qobuz and stream to the renderer.

It works for different solution . Unfortunalety with volumio it display a message “your DS should use a davaar 29 or higher”

were is suppose to be located that davaar? inside volumio?

I can’t get Bubbleupnp working wit Volumio 2.166 on Odroid C0 either.

It worked well with 1.55, but I can’t find the image :frowning:

Is a place to download old images?
Hope the native Tidal support will happen soon…

It seems that we have good news from Qobuz :ées-ideas-ideen/suggestions/6134882-volumio-support?tracking_code=f95593c92d6bed1788bcc73d9f4ff1e2

Sorry, the communique is in French, but they announce agreement with Volumio…


The answers is

Translated :

@michelangelo , can you confirm that you are now in agreement with Qobuz?

If I remember correctly, they (Qobuz) previously had some ‘difficult phrases’ in their license agreement?

Would be great to hear that we can expect Qobuz integration in the near future [emoji2]

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