Streaming Tidal/Qobuz to Volumio2

Hi there, I’m using Volumio for years now and still didn’t find any better, so congratulations to the developer team and thank you. Ther’s only one thing that still is unsolved for me right now, the streaming of lossless media from Tidal or Qobuz without using “dirty” workarounds like airplay. Are there plans to implement such a feature in future updates? I’m still wondering why there is spotify implemented instead of one of the lossless providers, as the users of Volumio are clearly people interested in best possible sound quality.

There’s a qobuz plugin ready to be released (made by a community member) and Tidal is about to come… :wink:

Hi everyone,
Any update about Tidal plugin?

Hi there !

Some news about this “ready to be released” qobuz plugin would be appreciated too, can’t wait to try it.

I was actually thinking of starting to write one if I couldn’t find any, so many thanks in advance! ^^


It’s ready, we’re waiting for an API key from Qobuz, which is apparently ignoring our requests…
Could you help by asking an API key as well?

Hey there, how about the Tidal plugin? I am really looking forward to it!

Of course. Could you maybe give me some more info, maybe privately ? I guess they will want to review code, so if there is an available repository somewhere it could help. There is a xbmc plugin, which was actually advertised on Qobuz blog, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t agree to give a key to anther open source plugin.

They actually replied us, asking to sign a contract and an NDA, which I’m currently reviewing.
Some of their requirements will be hard to comply with…

Excuse me but I would like to ask one more time about Tidal, is there any chance to get plugin working in next days?

In next days? Probably depends how much money you offer to the devs and whether you can get them to return from their holidays.
Sorry, could not resist :smiley:
On a serious note, “about to come” does not mean it is nearly ready to release. It will take more than “a few” days.

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Hi there,
I would like to say thank you to the dev’s team : volumio is the best. Really.
For me tidal integration is the only thing that lack

I tried using the desktop app of Tidal and stream it directly to Volumio, but the sound qualify of Tidal HIFI streamed to Volumio is not so good as Volumio with FLAC.

TIDAL plugin for Volumio is almost ready… It will be released in the coming month…

Hi Pedro, the best way to stream Tidal to Volumio at the moment is Bubble Upnp on Android. I’m using my Samsung tablet to stream Tidal flac (HiFi) to Volumio on my Odroid C2. With the same app I also stream to my Cubietruck which is running openhome mediaplayer and mpd. Both renderer (Odroid C2 and Cubirtruck) are openhome compatible and can play gapless thanks to mpd.

I have a Qobuz plugin (which I wrote last year, referred to by Michelangelo above) up and running on volumio. Good news, it sounds fantastic! The Volumio plugin system makes it pretty easy to integrate and navigate.

I have most Qobuz functionality working with the exception of favourites management. Browsing by genre has been implemented but unfortunately the Qobuz api doesn’t really return sensible results for anything other than top level genres. I’ve added a few hacks to the search (Qobuz plugin only) that allow searching albums or tracks only and also searching within your Qobuz favourites.

Hopefully the plugin can be published soon, would love to get some feedback on it. The hold up relates to an application key/secret which needs to come from Qobuz. They seem pretty slow to respond to any requests!

Some screenshots

And a couple more! Note the bit rate - if you have a ‘Sublime’ subscription you can stream hires music that you have purchased from Qobuz.

I repinged our Qobuz last week to have any news for the API key… But nope, no response from them…
Going to reping this week again…

I have a few days ago also at Qobuz directly asked whether Qobuz is soon available in Volumio. I had after 3 days an answer with the following content, which hopes:

Thank you for your message and your interest in Qobuz.
The integration into the system Volumio is just in the negotiation. Unfortunately, we can not give you a specific date when you can expect it.

We are at your disposal for further questions and thank you for your patience.
Best regards,

I think it sounds not bad … :smiley:


I am really excited with this news, looking forward to move brack from RuneAudio :ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek: