Streaming Services (Spotify/GMusic) over DLNA/UPNP

I recently found a way to stream music from my Spotify and Google Play Music to my stereo systems.

I use a Nexus 7 Tablet with BubbleUPNP. I have Cyanogen Mod 11 and the Xposed Framework installed, which enables the “Audio Cast” function in BubbleUPNP. With Audio Cast on, Bubble sends all audio signals on the tablet to the selected renderer.

This works flawlessly with my living room setup (Denon AVR-X1000 set as renderer). Unfortunately on Volumio it does not work.

Sometimes I get silence, most of the times I get nasty distorted sounds when trying to play over Audio Cast. I tried both services, Spotify and Google, tried with DAC (Behringer UCA202) and without, did various reboots, reinstalls, all to no success.

Maybe someone can help me here, thanks in advance!

My specs: Raspberry Pi Model B, Volumio 1.4, WIFI, 2mA PSU

Edit: Maybe I should add: Normal Playback (MP3s over NAS) works like a charm.

Actually bubble upnp is acting as an ‘air traffic controller’ helping volumio/denon as the renderer talk to the server, and visa versa either google servers, Spotify server or the media server on the nas.

I would try connecting the pi by Ethernet to your network and see if that works. I’m not sure how good the pi WiFi adapter / protocols you are using are at negotiating wan TCP/IP protocols and DNS and so on. What rating is the WiFi adaper on the pi? it really needs to be n not b or g.

It’s a TP-Link TL-WN725N, n rating.

I’ll try wired if I can find a cable long enough, thanks a lot so far.

i have the same problem, it seems that the volumio renderer is not compatible with the audio cast of bubbleupnp, but gmediarender works good with bubbleupnp

You could try Powerline products if you don’t find a long enough cable.

I would move the Pi onto the wired network first to see if this can improve matters. For example is the Denon Streamer Hard Wired ?

From the theory side the audio network path is completely different:-

MP3 from NAS
NAS >> RPi (over wifi) = one wireless leg

Spotify >> RpI
Spotify Server >> Router (by wifi) >> Nexus 7 >> RPi (by Wifi) = 2 wireless legs

The best solution would be if there was a Spotify Service on the NAS Drive. I don’t think they have arrived yet.

In theory the UPnP QOS Quality of Service Service on Routers could reserve bandwith for comms Router (by wifi) >> Nexus 7 >> RPi (by Wifi). Never tried it so cannot speak from the done it camp. :unamused:

As for the difference between Volumio and gmediarenderer = not my area, but definitely seems an important variable too :wink:

Had no success with a wired connection unfortunately.

The Denon is connected with a cable, but it comes from a range extender with ethernet out. So I wouldn’t call that hard wired. Still works fine there.

Maybe I’ll try with a xbmc distribution next, or I’ll wait for a few bubble (or even volumio, hint, hint) updates.

I just found how to stream from bubble upnp audio cast to Volumio : in bubble go to setting and in audio cast choose wav as audio format instead of auto. I works! I use it through WiFi.
Sorry if this info already known but up to now I thought it was not compatible with Vouimio :smiley:

Hey, thanks for this tutorial, works like a charm here too.