Streaming on mobile or remotely?

I just got my Volumio Primo Hi Fi and I love it. I’ve managed to setup MyVolumio and add my NAS.
Is there a way to play music remotely? I have the app on my iPhone and I’m also logged in on my PC via browser.

Would be great if MyVolumio could do more than control the music currently playing on my home network :slight_smile:
I’ve read some people have recommended using Snapserver for this, but I couldn’t find any guide how. Is there a way to turn my Primo into a streaming box?

It’s on our roadmap, but this won’t happen before the end of the year :wink:

Awesome. Thanks for the quick reply! Is there a way to participate in an alpha / use a platform that would get early support?
Happy to install stuff via ssh or use a rooted Android and such.
I’m curious if you’re planning on streaming from the server, or having a client that can request the files to save locally and then play them.

Either way, really happy to hear it’s on your roadmap and looking forward to this.

Actually we had it working about 6 months ago, but it was not working really well… So we postponed until our new infrastructure for Volumio3 is up and running.
Yes, I will contact you once we have something testable, just send us an email to info at volumio dot org so we have a direct contact with you