streaming / casting

Volumio works perfect with mpd and with the webUI.

Streaming from my linux mint laptop to my stereo through volumio, however, doesn’t :frowning:

The volumio is configured, it broadcasts itself. On an Ipad I can see the volumio, select it as output and everything works so very smooth. On linux mint on the other hand, I have been struggling for 2 days with pulseaudio, pulseaudio-dlna, paprefs, pavucontrol, numerous tutorials… The volumio just won’t show up as audio output device. Any ideas?

After many hours of trying: “volumio (DLNA)” shows up in pavucontrol after I start pulseaudio-dlna in a terminal window. Twice.

No matter which one of the two I select in pavucontrol, scenario is the same:
The audiostream on my linuxmint computer shows. The progressbar going right and left at the output device “volumio (DLNA)” in the Pavucontrol indicates the stream is being sent to the volumio.
Pulseaudio-dlna in terminal on linuxmint computer doesn’t report any errors at this point. It creates and finishes the streams and sinks on demand when I choose a different output device (like it should, I suppose)

But the volumio doesn’t play the sound.

Does anybody here know how I could troubleshoot this, on the volumio-side? How can I see whether the stream arrives at the volumio? Detect where the problem is?


you’re probably more expert than i am, but i will explain what i had done mixing DLNA and Volumio

version 1.55
DLNA server was installed, i believe, or i did install it ,
anyway it’s easy to setup, and you’ll find info on that forum with “volumio” and “miniDLNA”
here is the link for setup for version 1.55
i could use Volumio as a “server” or as a renderer, i’f i’m right

version 2.0x
you can install minidlna (look for it in the forum), and you should be able to do the same (vomumio = server AND/OR renderer)
you could, at the same time, disable “dlna logging”

there is also an older post that could may be help

i dont know if that helps in any way



I’m a little confused by the last reply, but I think what you’re trying to do is sending you sound card output to volumio via UPnP/DLNA.

I can confirm that this generally works in the latest version - I’ve tested it with BubbleUpnp from Android and StreamWhatYouHear from Windows 10.
Can’t help you with your Linux question though as I don’t have that kind of system. Volumio advertises itself properly as UpnP Renderer as far as I can see. AFaik, this feature is enabled by upmpdcli (

You could try to install a Upnp Control point on your linux machine to see whether that one sees volumio properly.
Also, are you sure your sound card is compatible? Not all soundcards allow you to capture the final audio stream as you would hear it on your speakers.

If the problem is with pulseaudio-dlna and turns out to be unsolvalbe, you could try out the songcast component of upmpdcli. See here: You have to install sc2mpd on your volumio and to your linux mint.

Good luck