Stream webradio via UPNP control?


sorry if this is some sort of mistake, but I can’t seem to be able to play webradio from volumio via an upnp controller. What am I doing wrong?
Scenario: I’m using bubbleupnp on an android tab to let volumio render music files from my nas, works as intended. However I cannot command volumio to play its webradio stations via this method. I have to use volumios own web gui to do that, what is a pity, because bubbleupnp is a good all-in-one tool for my audio needs up to this point.
Is there any solution for this? Thanks in advance …


Is the same webradio stream URL that you try to play via BubbleUPnP vs. via Volumio web UI ?

Well I don’t have the possibility to play ANY webradio at all from volumio through upnp controller. There is no choice “radio” or similar in the sources for volumio. Other sources are present, i.e. NAS or local volumio files. But no webradio, despite of the 30 or so stations that are playable through the volumio web gui.

How is it with you guys? Can you choose to play webradio via an upnp controller app, i.e. bubble-upnp? Or is it mandatory to use volumios web-gui for that purpose?