Stream to an AirPlay Speaker (a) and to my iPhone (b)

I’d like to have a solution for a), direct streaming to an AirPlay receiver/loudspeaker and b), listen to my music on my iPhone.
Any solutions for this two wishes?

Hi baumaeschi, welcome to Volumio. :slight_smile:

As far as I am aware, just like with Bluetooth, Volumio acts as a renderer not a server. You can Airplay (Shairport) to Volumio from whatever device, but not vice-versa.

I’m looking for the “vice-versa”. Any chance to see this in Volumino Version 3 (AirPlay)?

No, this wouldn’t be possible out of the box with shairport. Also isn’t really the focus of Volumio, which is playback on device…

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So it seems I’ve to stay with OwnTone, which supports all this. But in the longterm it would be very nice to see AirPlay Speaker support in Volumino (as well as in MoOde Audio, which dos not support it either)

I’m sure no one would complain if you write a plugin for it! :slight_smile: