stream from spotify on volumio 2

i’ve just upgraded to volumio 2 on my raspi 2. unlike volumio 1 i can’t see a way to stream from spotify to the volumio. is this possible? ho?

Click the gear icon in the upper right, choose “Plugins”, and you need to install the Spotify plugin. You will need a Spotify premium account.

thanks, did that and it says that the plugin is active but i cant see it in spotify on any device. still dosnt work.
back to back with volumio 1 works (ive got it on another sd card for the raspi) so im sure that the problem is not on th network side.

You won’t see it on any devices as Spotify only licenses Spotify Connect to commercial hardware partners. But after you’ve plugged in your Spotify credentials when you click on the bottom left “Browse” tab you will see a link for Spotify below Web Radio. You can browse your playlists as well as featured playlists, new releases and genres & moods.

If you search on something in the upper right search bar you will also get matching Spotify artists, albums, tracks and playlists.

After the Volumio 2.0 release we will add additional functionality to let you browse your albums, tracks, favorite artists, etc.