Stream from PC/Tidal to Volumio over upnp

Is it possible to stream Tidal music from Ubunut Linux PC to Volumio over Upnp? From Android I can stream with Bubbleupnp, but what about streaming via computer?

In UpNP/OpenHome, there’s a “source,” a “control point” and a “renderer.” These program might be running on the same device, or on 3 different devices on your home network.

Volumio acts as a UpNP/OpenHome renderer, thanks to upmpdcli. If you install upmpdcli and the upmpdcli-tidal plugin on your Linux box, it will serve as a UpNP/OpenHome source for Tidal.

You can then stream Tidal to Volumio, and control it from any UpNP/OpenHome control point.

If you want to control it from your Linux box, then you just need to install a UpNP/OpenHome control point, like upplay on your Linux box.