Strange problem during boot until first played song

Hello, we have a strange problem during boot until the first played song.

The Volumio selects DSD out and puts a DC signal out. (all ‘1’ or ‘0’) , So our USB DAC that we have build output 4V dc until the first song is played. After that there is no problem with the software.

Of course it is something we need to fix. But on all other platforms (MAC OS/X, windows for now) this is not a problem.


Sonny Andersen / Sonny

Pictures says more than anything. I have attached screen shots.

Remember this is only the case until the first song is played.

Volumio version 1.55 running on RPI 2.

Scope 2 : DSD clock at 24.576MHz

Scope 1 : Zoom in on the DSD data. The pattern is fixed and identical for left and right.

Scope 0 : Zoom out on the DSD data. The Pattern is not zero long enough for the DAC to detect DC in the DSD data stream.

When first song is played (DSD file) the DSD data looks like DC, and we have no DC on the output.