Strange playback problems with playlist created with volumio (same goes for other playlist


I created a playlist in Volumio with files located on my NAS.
The playlist is around 2000 tracks so not incredible big.
When a song is playing and i press next, the next song starts in 1 second.
When i go and click the same song but in the playlist, it can take around a 20 seconds before it starts.


its playing song 1 and i press song 2 and it takes a minute or so.
Its playing song 1 and i press next for song 2 it takes one second.

Any help would be apreciated

OS info

Version of Volumio: 2.861
Hostname: volumio
Kernel: 4.19.118-v7l+
Governor: performance
Uptime: 0 days, 0 Hrs, 9 Minutes, 23 Seconds

Audio info

Hw audio configured: HDMI Out
Mixer type: Hardware
Number of channels: 2
Supported sample rate: 44100 48000 88200 96000 176400 192000

Board info

Manufacturer: Raspberry Pi Foundation
Model: Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.4
Version: d03114
Firmware Version: Apr 27 2020 14:33:37 - 3a8f1793b758d6fb7f375edaa260e069ecd34c88

CPU info

Brand: Processor rev 3 (v7l)
Speed: 1.50Mhz
Number of cores: 4
Physical cores: 4
Average load: 18%
Temperature: 65°C

Memory info

Memory: 8202348 Ko
Free: 7140968 Ko
Used: 1061380 Ko

Storage info

INTERNAL storage - Size: 56195Mo Used: 795Mo Available: 52507Mo (93%)

My understanding is that, when you select a song from a playlist for playback, each and every song in the playlist gets added to the queue before playback of the selected song actually starts. 2000 songs in the playlist means 2000 ‘add to queue’ operations.

When you click ‘Next’, Volumio simply fetches the next song in the queue. There is only one operation involved. Same when you select a song from the queue.

Ty for your reply

ive created a small video showing the problem,

So im in the playlist and when i press next, the song starts without a problem, but if i select a song in the same playlist it takes 20 seconds or more.

You see me press next a couple of times and its starts the next song without any delay.
0:20 i press play song instead of next (from the same playlist thats already loaded)
1:10 i press play song instead of next (from the same playlist thats already loaded)

If what you are saying is correct, then i gues ill have 2 live with it

are you on wifi or on lan? if you can switch it over to the other… sounds strange,
but try it and see if this helps…

A playlist is different from the queue. When you click an item in a playlist, all items in the playlist get copied over to the queue (hence the delay with a long playlist - there is actually more things involved than just copying). The queue is where playback occurs and the playlist is no longer involved. When you click Next, Volumio simply plays the next song in the queue (hence the fast response).

The problem does not occure with a cabled connection.
It also does not occure with WIFI if the playlist has been loaded for hours.
Then i can click any song in the list without any delay