Strange Boot Problem

Hi, let’s see if someone can help me with these please.

It’s been two months since I get a Raspberry Pi 2 with a Pi-DAC+. Since then one SD Card has been corrupted by power source problems (but only for volumio, oddly raspbian works with no problems).

Now I have similar problems, the pi refuses to boot, with the green led on, but without any flashing. I have rewrote the image and nothing, but I have noticed that if I take the card out and put it in the pi volumio works… But turning it off and then turning it on withouth taking the card out the same problem appears. Raspbian works fine inj that aspect too.

Is this new sd card corrupted too? Is there something I can do to prevent it?

The first SD was a class 10 samsung 16 GB. The one right now is a Sandisk Ultra 16 GB. Both are HC.

Thanks for your time.

Don’t power off… [Edit meant to be sarcastic]
For me personally the shutdown is like Russian roulette just unplugging the adapter has given me less trouble then the shutdown did. This is both with and without the iqaudio pidac+

[based purely on personal experience with one unit. Haven’t had a problem for a month or two running continuesly]

Even if you were being sarcastic, may be it could be a solution if the pi doesn’t explode for being on forever… :wink:

I’ll try it on another SD that I have arround here and see what happens, I think the cause could be the continuos library updates if been doing while I was moving my music to the hard drive… But I don’t know much about things like these so who knows…

Just posting that the problem has disappeared on its own…for now. :smiling_imp: