Strange behaviour searching Media Servers in Contemporary User Interface Layout Design

I am running v2.861 (22-12-20). on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2 and find that the search results depend on screen width in my Chrome browser when logging on remotely. This occurred with User Interface Layout Design set to Contemporary (default installed at upgrade).

  • Choose Media Servers in left column on screen
  • Choose server from list
  • a list appears showing number of albums, items, Artist, etc., with a search field in the top right hand corner, above the list. Type a keyword, in my case a composer name. The list disappears and is replaced by two lines showing “No results” and “No items” respectively.
  • Reduce the width of the Chrome screen until a new layout appears with at the bottom three items: Browse, Search (a magnifying glass) and Settings. Note: the two lines mentioned above still appear, together with the filled-out search box.
  • Choose the magnifying glass from the bottom of the screen. The screen is refreshed, the two lines and the filled-out search box have disappeared. A new (empty) search box appears running across the full width of the (now reduced) width of Chrome. Type the same keyword as before (composer name in my case). Now the correct result is returned; in my case 1 Artist,19 Albums and 89 Tracks. In addition I see two results listed under Web Radio, which really are no part of the chosen Media Server.
  • Go into Settings and change the User Interface Layout Design under Appearance to Classic. Follow the same sequence as above. I find that in that case Search returns “No Results” and “No Items”, irrespective of the chosen screen width. No magnifying glass to choose from appears at the bottom.

Can someone please look into this?
Thank you,