Stop playing at end of queue, not start again

I’ve seen this or similar questions asked before but cannot find an answer. All I want is to add an album to the queue, for instance, and then play it. Foobar2000 lists all the tracks but only plays each once - that’s what I’d like to do in Volumio. It may be possible and I just haven’t found out how.

press play…or loop it… with repeat all… :yum: it’s round with a arrow… next to prev.

Wouldn’t hitting repeat do the opposite of what I want? I only want each track to play once in sequence and then stop, as if it was a CD.

the round arrow on your left of the play button has multiple options

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I have no round arrow to the left of the play button. There is one over on the right between the random and the save buttons - that’s repeat. Only previous to the left of play.

Aha! That’s in ‘Classic’ appearance, the one I normally use. In ‘Contemporary’ a repeat arrow is indeed to the left of the play button. Hover and it says repeat, click to show a vertical line to it’s right and hover says repeat off. On the one top right as mentioned above, although the same graphical change happens a hover still says repeat. I will check on the actual actions later. Thanks for the pointer.