STOP button on UI?

Maybe this is a completely stupid question…

The UI offers a PLAY/PAUSE button as well as skip buttons for the previous/next track, but no STOP button. Pushing the PAUSE button only pauses the currently played track but doesn’t stop the playback.

How to stop the playback from the UI?

Why you need stop playback? When is playback paused then cpu run only for operating system, in memory is only chunk of buffered song.

So no unnecessary CPU usage during a song is being paused? And what about disk/storage usage, does Volumio still making any data read operations during the “Paused” state? I have my music files stored on an USB Pendrive, plugged in to the RPi and while I have the system almost always on and running, there are periods that could last for even a couple of days long, when the playback is still in “Paused” state somewhere in the “middle” of a song. I’m just curious about it, concerning any unnecessary load and usage of the USB drive.

Hi @Mounter01

Your’re correct. Even though this is an older topic, the logic is still the same for current releases.
Stop is only with radio stations, where the stream is actually stopped as pausing a live stream is a bit weird to do. Playing from a local storage, stop/pause is actually the same function.
There is no additional read./writing to your USB thumb, when put into pause.

On top, volumio doesn’t write to the USB it read’s. There is a bigger change that you expand the lifetime of the USB device, than see effects of a reading action.
The only effect that can happen after great number of reads on the same cell, is that the near surrounding cells are getting charged (called “read disturbtion”). But then this part is handled by the flash controller, if certain cells reach a certain read count (threshold) , the content is copied to a new location.

Hopes this answers your question.

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Ok, thank you, that’s sounds quite reassuring.