Static IP

Is there any way that volumio can be assigned a static local IP at boot ? This can be done via the router by i was hoping for a tweak within volumio
May be using iface eth0 inet static :question:


these are for a raspberry pi, but the settings should be the same for all devices.
these instructions are for accessing from a linux machine, apple will be the same, except where i say ‘control key’ substitute whatever apple has. idk.
I can’t remember how to ssh from windows, i think the program’s called putty.

Power on the device, and SSH into it. to do this, open terminal on your machine, and type

ssh root@[current volumio ip address]

eg root@
this is a super user, be careful when using this.
you should get a password prompt, the default password is volumio
after entering the password you should see a volumio logo in ascii, and something like root:~#


nano /etc/network/interfaces

this will get you into a text editor where you can administer the connections.

find the lines

auto eth0 iface eth0 inet dhcp

and edit them to something like

auto eth0 iface eth0 inet static address netmask gateway
Where the ip after ‘address’ is what IP you want, and the ip after ‘gateway’ is your router ip. the netmask will depend on your network configuration.
finally, hit control X to exit, you’ll be prompted to save or discard changes. save them.

back at the root:~# prompt, type


after a couple of seconds, this will restart the device. you’ll get kicked off the volumio when it shuts down. when it starts up, it should be using the new IP.

It’ easy to do this via the webui … Go to network menu and chose static instead of dhcp. Enter the good parameters and save change. :wink:

ah, good to know.
The instructions i provided were originally how i changed to a static IP for the WLAN, because the webui has no ability to set one for the wireless adapter.