startup VERSION: 0.976 on PI1 + Hifiberry

after running 1.55 on the PI1 + HifiBerry, I just tried VERSION: 0.976 on PI1+HifiBerry.
Result: at a certain moment the app asks to login, - no action taken by me- a few minites later it continues to startup.

volumio.local/ or ip address link does not activate volumio software on ipad, nor on pc.

Any suggestions?

many thanks in advance!

kind regards


I have same problems I can’t get this version to work on any of my PI1 or Pi2, 1.55 is fine on them all as is Moode???

Used angry IP to find IP but just get blank grey page at first and then after a while the device disappears off the network …

EDIT: sorry after about 15 minutes the website become responsive, well somewhat…