STAR DSC PURE DAC + Pi4 Music Server

Hi, I’m writing to Volumio Team (mainly Michelangelo) to ask to include the support for the STAR DSC PURE DAC + Pi4 Music Server. This is a no-DAC chip D/A converter that integrates a Raspberry Pi4 as a Music Server, connected through direct i2S link.
Unfortunately, even if this is a DSD native only no-DAC chip D/A converter (upsampling every file comes inside it to DSD512, converting to analog through transformers) there is no way to set Volumio to stream direct DSD files. If you play a DSD file, no matter if it’s 64/128/256/512, Volumio converts it to PCM (from 192 to 352 kHz) in both i2S or USB (through an embedded Amanero 384 card) outputs.
Considering that this converter is able to manage direct native DSD with support up to DSD512, there is no logic behind this conversion made by Volumio.
Could you please help me?
Thanks in advance.