Standalone Phatbeat internet radio, PlugIns settings

Hi, hello from Finland,
I am quite a new user of Volumio. My goal is to setup a headless internet radio using RPiZero and Pimoroni Phatbeat. I have a selection of 4 domestic radio stations which I can select using WEB UI. However I am totally confused when it comes to setting up plugins I have following plugins:

  • GPIO BUTTONS v 0.8.1 installed and Active
  • GPIO RADIO BUTTONS v 0.1.0 installed and Active
  • GPIO CONTROL CONFIGURATION v 0.0.1 installed and Active
    So, my questions:
    1: Are the plugins correct versions ?
    2: How do the plugins interfere with other plugins settings
    3: Do I actully need GPIO CONTROL CONFIG Plug-in loaded and activated?:
    4: How do I get pivumeter alive on the Pimoroni phatbeat in Volumio

In the meanwhile I managed somehow to setup PirateAudio3W-RPiZero for standalone operation, althou GPIO settings are still not clear
Thanks in Advance for any help
Carl Blyh Helsinki