Stable Version 24/7 with a usb disk plugged

Hello to all
first, congrats again, because each time i get back here, i can appreciate how much work is done …
I enjoy since months now the 2.861 version working like a charm since i restarted my configuration from scratch and did not connect my usb drive with music stored on.
before, i had that usb drive and i had added a configuration so the disk could spin down when iddle after 20 lmuinutes. more information can be found here : link to the post, volumio forum

but my volumio would crash after few hours or few days, would never last more than a week.
then i restarted everything, and did not plug, and therefore no more crash.

i just plugged the usb drive today, without the “iddle spindown” configuration. But i would like to preserve my usb drive lifetime and allow him to rest when not used
any idea to have the benefit of both world ?
1- a stable volumio as i have enjoyed
2- a usb drive connected but preserved

i think it would be a good idea to include into the system a spindown parameter .

Thanks again for your toughts
regards, from Bordeaux

Volumio Information

Volumio Version:2.861
Hardware: rasperry Pi 3 B
DAC: behringer UCA 202 USB