SRC interpolator, USB WiFi dongle&Home-network: 2 problems

Just installed VOLUMIO (last version March) in my just bought Raspberry Pi.
Good things?
I can power it with mobile charger or with a battery (external battery used to charge internal batteries of mobiles, tablets, etc: 5V/1A).
As a DAC I am currently using a USB asynchronous DAC ( Cypress). It seems to work fine as I can see this…


Even though sometimes, and depending on the turn-it-on order of the devices, the only indicated ‘Audio Output’ is ALSA ( ! ).
On DAC’s display I can see the 44.1K and how there (DAC) it is upsampled-to-96kHz (or 192kHz, or any other preferred one).

Bad things?
a) I cannot modify the sample rate interpolator (now “Disabled” but even when ‘enabled’, the Sample Rate Converter (Volumio) is ALWAYS back to “Fastest Sinc Interpolator” despite of selecting ‘Best Sinc Interpolator’ and save the changes… the SRC at Volumio always indicates “Fastest Sinc Interpolator”.


b) Network/WiFI Set-up: it is impossible to connect to my Home network through the USB WiFi Dongle (TP-Link Nano USB Adapter, worked fine with Raspberry in Openelec configuration)… only through LAN! If LAN cable is disconnected… no way: no radio-stations. SSID name is correct, IP-Address is correct, Security is the most similar to the suggested one, and of course, Password is correct… but when changes are saved: no connection.
c) Consequently, as I cannot connect through WiFi, I cannot connect to any DLNA devices (i.e.: an Openelec-XBMC Linux installed in another room and connected to my home-network. Frustrating…