SRAM vs internal storage

Hello everyone.

I’ve just upgraded my volumio to the latest version, and have to say i looks very nice!

I haven’t actually tried it with aduio yet though.

on previous versions, I used to store files in the sram (i think) /var/run/shm

this doesn’t seem to work anymore.

has it been replaced by internal storage?

how can I access this from the command line? (i usually ssh into the client and wget podcasts)

any help appreciated, and well done for the new version


managed to find it with the find command.

in case anyone else is a noob like me it’s /data/INTERNAL

If you browse your network you should see your volumio device and it’s shared internal folder
Don’t need command line :wink:

Internal is the SD Card. We’ll add a share for ramplay as well, but we have really not much ram left to use…

I ssh in with my phone and wget podcasts

Can’t be bothered powering up a laptop just to use a network share :smiley:

Is there issues using internal?

It seemed to work fine for me

And sorry to go on about it. The new version is awesome. Adding my nas was so easy.