Squeezelite plugin on Asus Tinkerboard S

Squeezelite works a treat on my RPI4 but on my Tinkerboard S it “installs” but the settings page is empty. It is also not seen by my LMS server. Is there a workaround or does it simply not work?

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The solution is here

minidsp.com/forum/…-volum … lite#41948

The correct edit to the squeezelite.service should be “ExecStart=/opt/squeezelite -n Volumio -o default -C 2 -a 80:4:24:0”. These can be changed afterwards in the settings page anyway.

I also did a chmod 777 /data/plugins/music_service/squeezelite/squeezelite.service, which is hinted at in other parts of the thread.

It’s a shame these are not set properly in the default squeezelite install for the Tinkerboard.

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