Squeezelite "no configuration available"

I have setup LMS and Squeezelite on my primo. LMS works perfectly but opening Squeezelite Settings (Plugins>Installed Plugins > Squeezelite player 1.1.1) it shows “No Configuration Available”. I also installed the local player on LMS and enabled Local Player (v1.6.5) in the plugins section with Binary squeezelite-armv5te. Now it shows up as a player in LMS but it did not change anything on the volumio side? How do I have to setup lms and squeezelite properly?

The only way I’ve found to get squeezelite to work was uninstall the Squeezelite plugin and install the Squeezelite Debian Package. Get into the Volumio CLI and type:

#sudo apt-get update
#sudo apt-get install squeezelite

After the installation conlcudes, you must configure the output device for squeezelite. List the devices with:

#aplay -l

Copy the code for the preferred device, for instance:


You can test it with:

#squeezelite -o default:CARD=SB

Squeezelite must appear as a player on LMS. If it’s ok, then edit etc/default/squeezelite with:


Save and start the sqeezelite service:

#service squeezelite start

Hope this work for you.