Spottify Connect2 Plugin not working

I use an external DAC (Project UDB Box S+). When this DAC is configured, Spttify can‘ t connect to Volumio on my Raspberry Pi 4. The Spottify Connect service is visible, I can select it from the Spottify App, then it says connecting… but it will never connect.
Only if I switch back to the audio jack output device the connection works.

I have RPi 3B+ and Audiophonics 9038 DAC hat. It works for me
I think it would be nice if there was a description under the “plugins” that one can install both and the purpose of the Connect2 Plugin.

I have both Spotify Plugins installed and I can now control the music from Spotify. For me it was like installing two drivers, that is usually a no go. @ Lines under description in the Plugin descriptions would be nice.

Now, I can control Volumio via the Spotify Android app. And my GF/spouse can use the Airplay. (that is important!!!)
However, they seem to block any control from the Web interface. I would prefer if they all can just “overrule” whatever was going on.

@ hschwender Looks like it’s failing to set up the proper output device/mixer. Could you share some logs so we can figure out what is going on?

Not sure I follow what you mean - The Spotify Connect plug-in (volspotconnect2) lets you control playback from the WebUI (pause/skip/) and change source as well. Furthermore, If you have used the “multi user” mode in the plug-in settings, you should also be able to switch sessions to another user from their Android/Desktop client as well.