Spotify wont accept my username and password again

Yes, same here. Using Spotify premium individual account. Was working fine yesterday. All of a sudden cannot login using my credentials. Tried resetting the password, uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin and so on. Hope this gets fixed soon.

Maybe a geographical issue? Spotify and Spotify Connect works without any problems (also yesterday) here in Sweden on my Volumio Primo.

Still down in Norway.

Not working in the US either

I’m in the Netherlands. I can search for artists and albums ok, but they don’t play when I click on a track or album. All other sources working as normal.
Volumio v3.251
Spotify v2.03

Update: after reboot I have the same problem as others with login not working.


Could be related with the stop of Spotify Station ? It stops on Mai 16th too

Have a nice evening

Same here, did a reformat just to be sure and re-installed all plugins and it still did not work.
Same issue on Username and Password.



That sounds logical, and worrying.

I am located in the US and started having problems with the Spotify plugin on May 16th. I am getting the failed to log in error when trying to connect Volumio to my Spotify account. My Spotify account is current. Oh well, back to Chromecast Audio :slight_smile:

I have the same issue - located in EU (on 3 Volumio devices). Spotify no longer works.
I also tried to enable/reinstall/login via (SSL address)

In the browser console, I only see a POST to - immediately after clicking ‘Login’ – does not look right - perhaps tracking??

Then there is a message at top right: “Please check your username and password”.

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Same problem here, I’m in Brazil.

Same problem here in Australia, been off since early yesterday morning.

Still out in US.
I thought it was just me

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In 2015, we announced that we were discontinuing libspotify , a C library that developers once used to interact with Spotify and to stream audio. If you still have software that relies on libspotify then you should take steps now to adapt your application, close it down, or to replace libspotify with a supported developer product. We will be disabling access to libspotify on May 16, 2022 . After that date, integrations that still use libspotify will stop working.

Seems plugin needs to rewritten to support the Spotify Web Playback SDK?

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will there be a chance that the spotify plugin will work again?

Well if the plugin uses libspotify, it needs to be rewritten in full. As this is a community plugin its difficult to answer this.
In the mean time you can use spotify connect or use a different solution.

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For me the spotify connect option is not an option, I really hope someone can fix this soon, I use this option from Volumio for 95% of the time.

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Looks like will need a full re write, here’s when you appreciate the kind and selfless contribution of the community developers. I don’t think it’s fair to expect a quick solution, only the hope that someone with the right skillset has the time to tackle this endeavour.

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In another post @skikirkwood already expressed the lack of time to evolve the current plugin further, so rewriting it will most likely not be an option for him.
Let’s hope someone will pick this up. Preferable by @volumio as they already use these plugins as PR.