Spotify - weird problems

System: Volumio 2.041 with spotify plugin (Spotify premium account) / Raspi B+ / HiFiBerry-Dac+

The system should be used mostly to play web-radio or spotify.

The installation is absolutely brand new and the few steps of setting it up are listed here:

Download, MD5-check, partitioning of the SD-Card, burning the img file all OK.

First boot without interruption was successful, GUI came up fine.

First setup for HiFiBerry-dac+, static IP, language installation of spotify plugin all successful and w/o problems.

Reboot to activate spotify. Enter several radio stations into my favourites.

Test of all this ran w/o any problems - sound and GUI operation perfect.

Now some code was entered into /etc/rc.local to turn on the local/favourite radio station at the end of the boot process:

[code]# Boot and play preset radio stream
(sleep 25; mpc clear; mpc add; mpc volume 70; mpc play )&

exit 0[/code]
(This code is from some thread here in the forum.)

Reboot of the system turns on the local radio station with a predetermined volume level - works fine.

If from here the selection is changed to spotify all seems to run ( GUI shows spotify title with time counting up) however the audio output is still from the local radio station.

Turning off again this additional code leaves the system with inconsistencies in the GUI operation - spotify and web radio work fine once the selection has successfully been done (but this is not always straight forward).

Any ideas what’s going on and what corrections are needed??

That would work in Volumio 1, but in Volumio 2 directly modifying the playlist will mpc will cause issues with Volumio. A MPD plugin is in the works I believe that will fix this issue.

Thanks for this info. I did not think that those commands would leave permanent traces in the setup but, on the other hand, it was the only modification done to the system…

I hope that some solution will come soon, really like that player.