Spotify stopped working

Has this issue beeb resolved? I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin. Now i its giving me a failed password error when input in my spotify credentials to the plugin details.

Any tips will be appreciated…TIA.

Hi Arp1, welcome to Volumio. :wink:

What issue are you referring to (a link would be useful)?

Loads more details would help a lot (in this and any other problems that you are asking for help about). What Volumio version are you using? Can you detail the steps that you have gone through to get to the error … for example, did you go through the verification stage with Spotify that allows Volumio to access your Spotify details. The first thing to clarify is that you are actually using the correct Spotify credentials for the plugin … it sounds stupid, but it is easy to make mistakes.

My apologies for being vague. A couple of days ago, I started experiencing the issue… Although I could see all my Spotify playlists in Volumio, none will play. Going through the community posts, apparently some members were also experiencing the same issue and one suggested to remove the plugin, restart, reinstall and enable. I did all that and same issue persist - unable to play any from spotify. Then yesterday, spotify was no longer visible in volumio…. So I uninstalled and reinstalled again… this time, it is not allowing me to sign in to spotify (throwing an incorrect login error although all credentials were entered correctly).