Spotify stability?

Hello community! I have a DIY speaker setup that I have been working on for several years. One of the main pieces of functionality that I have had issues implementing is reliable spotify playback on the Pi. I understand Spotify has not been playing nice and has changed their API and made it more difficult in the last couple years. Without going into the whole history of what I have tried, what has your experience on a pi as a headless spotify player? If you have a reliable setup, what software are you using?

Looking forward to hearing about your successful setups!

You can stream Spotify with Volumio in two ways - using the VolSpotConnect2 plugin which implements Spotify Connect or use the Spotify plugin. In the latter case you need to patch it with the instructions below:


Once you install the patch you should have a very reliable headless Spotify player with Volumio on your Pi.

I have been listening to Spotify connect reliably all afternoon, but after finishing a long playlist, the Pi was no longer available to select in the Spotify Connect list devices from either my computer, or my phone. Has anyone else experienced this and resolved the issue. What did you do to resolve? I did get it working again, by toggling the spotify connect 2 plugin off and then on again. Was pretty impressed with it up until this. Other family members will not have patience to troubleshoot it like I did.

I’ve also had serious issues with SpotifyConnect. I’ve tried completely re-installing Volumio with no resolution, unfortunately. The plugin developer showed me that my system was having issues which weren’t caused by the plugin so I’m currently SOL.

Interesting. What specifically did he say was wrong with your system? I have a raspberry pi 3 b+.

I am happy to report that Spotify2 installed successfully per the instruction posted in the 2nd reply in this thread. It hung at 70% for a while, but it eventually succeeded and seems to be reliable! Would probably prefer reliable Spotify Connect functionality, but this seems to work great. Populated my playlists and I can search for songs and artists!

I have the same exact problem with Spotify Connect2, it works great, plays a long playlist then, when the playlist ends, the Spotify Connect disappear from Spotify on my android phones. There is 2 choices, restart volumio or restart the plugin in the GUI. Both are a pain. I have the same problem with 2 different Rpi2, one with a Hifiberry Amp and the other with Hifiberry DAC+pro. Even if I reinstall everything, same problem.