Spotify selection in playlist, song +1 is played


I am using the in build Search feature for artists. When selecting the artist proposed in Spotify section (Volumio is connected to my Spotify account) and playing songs from the Spotify proposed playlist, the played song is the next song in the playlist : there is a advance of +1 in the play compared to the selected song. Some lists have that behaviour, others don’t. What is displayed on the “play” screen is correct with regard to the payed song, it is just annoying it is not the song you have selected in the list. It is possible to get back to the initially selected song by using the previous track button on the play screen.

Thanks a lot for your support. Aside from that, Volumio is running fine for all other features tested so far.

+1 for this, i have encountered this is sometime ago but it was resolved. Now with the latest version it’s there again, same happens with qobuz and tidal aswell.

From technical side it’s propably an issue of the list being zero or one indexed and the function which handles the play waits for other. I really rarely encounter this issue with my own Volumio client application, but the web ui suffers from this alot.