Spotify Search Problem


I’ve used Volumio before on a RBP Model B+, and then everything worked “ok-ish”. The RBP was getting quite slow, which is why I bought a RBP 3 Model B. I was able to add my Spotify Premium account, and now I can already see my playlists, and play songs from it. I have two problems, from which the first one is the biggest issue by far:

  1. The search-bar doesn’t work at all. I click on Spotify, and I start typing in the search-bar, but it doesn’t show anything, nothing happens.
  2. It takes a while before my playlists refresh. For example if I would add a new playlist to my account via the Spotify app, it won’t show up on Volumio until I restart it.

Are these common issues? Because the search-bar was working on my RBP Model B+, so it would be weird if it doesn’t work on RBP 3.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Try searching directly from the browse tab (not clicking on Spotify first).

For me, going to the plugins page, then into the Spotify settings and immediately clicking save without changing anything immediately updates my playlists.