Spotify/RadioWeb problem

I use Raspberry Pi 3 and Volumio 2.
I have problems with Web Radio and Spotify. Once you start the system you hear correctly a web radio, when I want to play something of Spotify in Playback shows as if I was doing it, shows the theme, author, streaming data, but the web radio continues playing, I can not stop it. The Play / Stop buttons do not respond. I need to reboot to normalize. Any ideas?

Is this because the radio is added to the queue? When you then select something on Spotify, this also goes in the queue, but behind the radio. Clearing the queue before selecting the spotify track seems to work. However, there is a bug here which needs reporting … the reported track playing is indeed incorrect.

Thanks chsims1, I try it and I’ll tell you.
I report it as a bug in the bug forum?