Spotify Plugin - which one?

Noob here, so please excuse the seemingly stupid question.

I have Volumio 2.619 on RPI, and I a Spotify premium account that I want to play through it. Now since there are 2 plugins (Connect2 and the other one by the Volumio team), which one should I use? The latter one lets me put in my credentials, and logs in fine. However, I can play only one song. Selecting anything else just keeps on playing the first song over and over.

The Connect2 plugin does not work at all, i.e. I cannot see any search results.

Never mind, I got the first one working with help from how-get-the-spotify-plugin-working-t12368.html

Spotify Connect lets you control playback from any Spotify connect -
Which is why you didn’t get any results when searching directly from Volumio.