Spotify Plugin not working/ Playing Music

This is a community forum, for support specifically with myVolumio, email techsupport at volumio dot org!

I know you are frustrated, but just wanted to point out Spotify/Spotify Connect are included in the base free/opensource Volumio, and are not part of the freemium myVolumio.

Furthermore, these Spoitfy plugins are based on community developed software, that are not officially supported by Spotify – so things break. Most of us community devs do this in our free time, so things might be a bit spotty depending on our resources.

While the core Volumio developers will try to fix things when they break, it is unlikely these things get the same priority as paid features of myVolumio.

All that being said, this is most probably Spotify transitioning to newer infrastructure, and related outages. So things should get better as they figure things out.

If this is freeware, then what did I pay $40us for? I understand the Spotify subscription fee and that pays for licensing content.

Um, if you paid for this plugin, then someone has scammed you – the Spotify plugin is free.

Scammed? My Volumio subscription says Virtuiso. I signed up fro the trial and then was billed after 15 days.

Are you saying I don’t need that plan?

MyVolumio Virtuoso

Use MyVolumio on 1 device
Automatic Sync of Personal items
Remote connection to 1 device
Native TIDAL and Qobuz Integration
TIDAL Connect
CD Playback and Ripping
Alexa Integration
Bluetooth Audio Playback Input

On the Virtuoso plan it says “Use MyVolumio on 1 device”, and “Remote connection to 1 device”

That implies that to use my Ipad as the user interface I need that plan?

Is that not the case?

i can use any browser in the network to connect to 1 device
in my case rpi you don’t need myvolumio to do that…
but if you want all the extra’s of Virtuoso you need it…

Ok I just cancelled it. I have been running it on the Safari browser by simply typing in the IP address of the Rpi. Sounds like I was never actually using Virtuoso.

Indeed, you haven’t been using any of the myVolumio features.
The “remote connection” is to connect to your device from outside your own network – for example playing dog barking sounds every few hours while you are on vacation :wink:

Ok thanks to all here. I was a bit miffed because I paid for the subscription and therefore expected prompt support. As I now understand that RPi is not really officially supported by Volumio, I can’tg complain.

I am going to try PiMusicBox on an older RPi3 until this gets sorted out here.

Apparently PiMusicBox wil not run on an RPi4?

The popular problem with the RPi3 is that the USB port shares the buss with the Ethernet interface which is said to degrade the audio. We shall see.

This is incorrect.

The problems that people were experiencing and posted about in this thread are probably changes at the Spotify end.

So I just re-installed 2 devices and they are now working fine. Likely on the spotify end I guess, unless the Volumio install phones home on the boot up and something was messed up there. I’ll look into that another time.

I am a bit concerning because I was doing this to prepare for a party setup and when I did by test run last night this was not working. I was able to use airplay but don’t want to do that during the event. I’ll have to prepare some phones with the spotify playlist downloaded and ready to just plug-in in case I see something similar again.

I’ve used this setup for years with great success and never had such problems. Hopefully it was just a short lived thing. They did not note any issues here:

Do you also use an raspberry pi for volumio or what kind of backend do you use ?


For control I am using an Ipad.

The DAC is a $30 Ebay China special based on the 1704 chip. I am a hardware EE and I must say they used good parts in the analog section. 1% resistors and a socketed OPAMP so you can replace it if you want. It also has separate power supplies for analog and digital. You need two power transformers which some may see as a disadvantage. But fine for me.

Yes, on raspberry pi. One is on a 4 and other 3 with a hifiberry dac+. Both now seem to be working fine after a standard install (I reflashed the card) and setup of the plugin. I use two different spotify accounts on these so I can use them both at the same time.

The latter I have been using as my main streaming device for years. Often with pre-made playlists, but also with lots of air play from my phone.

I re-flashed the Pi.

But now Spotify will not come up in the menu options after being installed? And the AUTHORIZE page does nothing after authorize is selected.

I just downgraded my Volumio account to free but still have a PREMIUM Spotify account.