Spotify plugin not showing music, playlists

volumio version: 2.673, rel Dec 1 2019
installed Spotify plugin: 2.0.3
Volumio Spotify Connect2 1.0.5
RPi 3b+, no external soundcard. Hardwired into my network.

All are installed & enabled. Spotify plugin successfully lets me authorize.
I see the spotify icon on the home page, click on it and a page with Spotify icon shows up but nothing on it. grrrrrr.

I had a previous version of Spotify (2.0.1?) and it worked fine.

I am out of options - I de-installed both plugins, added Spotify by itself, rebooted and tried it, deinstalled it, rebooted system, installed Connect2 by itself, rebooted, tried it, deinstalled it, rebooted, installed spotify, then spotify connect2, rebooted, tried it… every permutation failed.
I really don’t want to reinstall Volumio given all the headache I had having it find my NAS drive till I finally said screw it and attached a local SSD.

What is the secret to making this work??? Volumio V3 is NOT an option at this point.

I’ve read a lot of the ‘fixes’ posted 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. Tried a few suggestions - the one fix points to a github patch that is NLA.

I really like this app but IMHO, it is really brittle. Suggestions to make spotify work are appreciated (with either spotify plugin)

At least upgrade to Volumio 3, even Volumio 2 ended with version 2.917. Your still on V2.6

have you looked at the list of issues with V3? Have you looked at what it actually 'fixed"?? IMHO, I will be trading one set of issues for another, not to mention that ‘fixes’ for the new issues are still being figured out. That is one reason I put in my post: V3 is NOT AN OPTION.

And besides, when I do ‘check for updates’ in volumio, it tells me no updates…I’ll manually dnld and install the newer version but no V3

Well let’s hope you’ve upgrade to V2.917. The Spotify plugin is working for this version.
And yes there are some issues with V3, however I am running V3 myself and have no issues.
I would suggest to try V3 on a new SD card and find out for yourself. As some people have issues a lot of them don’t.