Spotify plugin for Volumio 2

Hi back again on spotify,
I did install Volumio 2 on RaspDAC Mini with Raspberry 3.
Did install Spotify connect and works well from my PC but what I want to do is to stream straight from raspberry.
Did select “Spotify plugin for Volumio 2” and added my credential to spotify premium subscription, I get the authorize button but it doesn’t take me anywhere and after pushing I can’t see any spotify icon on home page.


Firstly, have you tried at a later time in case there were problems at Spotify’s end?

Secondly, try doing the authorizing whilst live logging. The simplest way to do this is to go to ‘volumio.local/dev’ (obviously use the right name or IP for your device), and select ‘enable’ under live log. Open another browser window to your device as you normally would, and go through the installation. You can follow this in the live log, and see what happens when you get to the ‘authorize’ bit.

Hi, thanks for your reply

I did try multiple times, even uninstalling and re-installing but nothing.

If I go to volumio.local/dev I don’t get any Live log option, I get presented with only these options:
Player State [BUNCH OF LINES]
Test Mode [TRUE/FALSE]
Send Log or bug report [SEND]
Play Queue [REMOVE]

Seems like you are using an old version of Volumio (please include version and device in requests for help). Please update or reflash to the latest Volumio version.

Since I have a RaspDAC Mini I am using this image
can I upgrade with no hassle or should I maybe add some driver for the I-Sabre ES9028/38 HAT ?

Whaooo! Where does come from this 15Go image?
What is the overlay used with your DAC?

I really don’t know … just a user.
I was able to run spotify at some point but then I had to reset everything and followed the instructions.
what do you suggest?

I’m afraid that you need to ask Audiophonics. They have provided you with a modified Volumio image.