Spotify plugin does not work V3

I’m running a freshly installed version of the latest Volumio 3. I installed the spotify plugin and provided my credentials. I have logged into myvolumio on the app. I do notice that there are no devices activated on the myvolumio page (not sure this is relevant). Logs attached. Appreciate any help

I just ran across your question Shaun. It’s been more than two months with no answers - I hope you’ve now got this working. For the record I’m running Volumio 3.251 on a RPi 3, with Spotify plugin 2.0.3. I have the ‘free’ Volumio account and the normal (paid) version of Spotify. For me, the Spotify plugin works perfectly… no surprises. The SoundCloud plugin 0.1.4 works equally well. Between the two of them, I can go for weeks without listening to any selections from my own music library! Please make sure you have the right plugin versions for your version of Volumio (all the versions above are current); you’ve entered your credentials into the plugin correctly; and the plugin is marked as Active and displayed on your Sources Visibility tile. Also check whether you’ve installed any experimental plugins (ie. plugins that are not offered under Plugins Management). These can have a negative effect on your system and can make the situation harder to debug.