Spotify Plugin Connected and configured correctly, but man, it's a horrible plugin and doesn't work well at all

Holy cow, is anyone else just having a miserable time actually using the Spotify plugin? Stuff just doesn’t load, searches fail, playlists take forever to show up…by the time I even get Volumio to play, I have run circles around it with Spotify.

The ONLY reason I’m using Volumio (or at least the only reason I wanted to use it) was to be able to control Spotify playback as a media source through Home Assistant.

So far…big fat trombone.

Mine working fine spotify. The only issue i found was with v3 spotify connect.
The regular spotify plugin working fine on any version.

If that is the only reason, why not just install stock Debian + Spotify’s official Linux client?

This requires a GUI no? I’m running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS…server, no GUI.

You shouldn’t need the GUI to use it from Home Assistant…

Works fine for me - other than the lack of pagination. What version of Volumio are you running? What hardware platform?

I have no issues with Spotify response times on my Raspberry. The user experience, however, is far from perfect. I think it may partly be because seems to me Spotify is single track/play list oriented rather than full album play oriented.

I use Volumio local via browser. When I enter artist name and scroll down to album list I can notice only part of the artist’s albums are displayed. It may be related to that Volumio does not support “Show full discography” that is available in Spotify plug-in.

Another inconvenience is that after artist search the same album name may be repeated many times. Because number of albums displayed by Spotify-Volumio interface is limited this behavior kind of consumes valid information space.

My working solution for these issues is to enter both artist and album in the search box.