Spotify plugin and Spotify lossless

Hi everyone!
just a quick theoretical question. Since Spotify seems to be testing a lossless option like tidal and other streaming services, would this require any changes to the spotify plugin or could it work out of the box?


The Spotify plugin uses spopd, which is built using LibSpotify. Spotify has officially deprecated LibSpotify:

So it appears to me that the HiFi launch will coincide with a new API to support the new features and move existing apps off of the old library. So it’s extremely unlikely lossless will work straight out of the box. It will take the spop developers time to get a new, stable version of spopd and additional time to get that integrated into Volumio. It just depends on how much the API changes in the new library.

Hello everbody,

I’ve just installed Volumio on my rpi3.
I tried it a month ago and it worked fine, i especially liked the plugin for Spotify.
Bus now i cannot get it to work.

Reading the internets i found out the libspotify is deprecated.
Now i wonder is there a new way to login to spotify and use it again?

I tried to install spop trying to fix it. But the shell script i found can not download the libspotify library from spotify development anymore.

I love the GUI and the plugins and the easy use. But the use of spotify can be a deal breaker.
I really hope there is someone how can help me to make it work!!

Hi Morphius, while it’s true that libspotify is deprecated it appears to continue to work for all of us. That said, you might find the beta release of the Spotify Connect plugin to be an even better choice. You can find it here: … otconnect2