Spotify pluggin - Genres and Moods

Hi Volumio team,

Am wondering if the spotify pluggin in Volumio is suppose to list all categories under genres and moods.

I notice some categories missing for example K-pop, mandopop, cantopop etc.

Is it suppose to list the most popular categories only? Maybe an interface issue?

Have a look here: how-use-spotify-t4339-10.html#p25543

The problem has been corrected but the new plugin has not been released yet (to my knowledge).

There’s two different issues here. Originally we used the default of 20 search results for genres and moods. We fixed that a few months ago and upped the max limit to 50.

Second, the genres and moods are country-specific. Right now we are not passing in a country code, hence people will see different results in Volumio’s Spotify plugin and their Spotify app or Web player. As we migrate fully to the new API and support Spotify OAuth authentication we will support API calls passing in the user’s country code.

It was fixed on Github but the released plugin is still dated 13/10/2016, or is that date incorrect?

Edit: I have 32 entries in ‘genres & moods’ in Volumio and 36 on my mobile app, so it looks as though the plugin has been updated, but the date is incorrect.

I’ve also got 32 entries in ‘genres & moods’ - got 43 on my ipad. Country specific items are not coming thru at this point

Thanks so much for your explaination - now this make sense