Spotify playlists

Hi all,

I cannot get Spotify playlists other than ones I create and save to work. Specifically I can:

1 Search for an album/track in Spotify
2 Add that to a playlist e.g. Test
3 Find Test in “Playlists” and play that successfully
I just realised this is a Volumio playlist, NOT a Spotify one

However, Spotify playlists don’t work:

1 Select “Genres & Moods”
2 Select “Decades”
3 Select anything - nothing happens. Instead use “Add to queue” or “Play” - nothing happens.

I have done the Mr. Kirkwood update (many times) - no change.

Anyone have any idea what I’m not doing that I should?

Do you have a premium Spotify account? Have you logged in to Spotify on other devices not using Facebook?

Thanks for the quick response.

Yes, we do have a Premium account and we can log in an play and I can also happily search for a title and play it in Volumio, even add it to a Volumio playlist. All that seems not to work are the Spotify playlists. I can see, say, “Decades” and then within that “60s” or whatever but those lists are empty.

On my 'phone I see the contents of those lists track by track.



I just found you “How to get the Spotify plugin working” post - I’ll try that and see what happens.



And I did it and it works perfectly! Thanks to all you development geniuses out there!



Enjoy the music!