Spotify Playlists not working anymore


Since about 3 Days I can no longer Play Playlists on Spotify. When I use the Search function, I am able to play Music of Artists or Albums, but all sort of Playlists are not working anymore. Clicking on the Playlist, doesn’t show any tracks anymore.

You’re not alone with the bug. If you find a solution, please tell!

Thanks for replying. Thought that it’s only me, so I was just about to reinstall everything. thanks.

Having same problem with 2.555. :neutral_face:

Spotify changed their URL structure for playlists in a non-backward compatible way recently. I’ve been in Berlin all week but when I get back home to Palo Alto tomorrow I’ll see if I can patch the plug-in with a fix.

Thank you!

Here you go - not fully tested yet, but it’s working on my 2.555 system:

Full instructions:

Get a Spotify Refresh Token

Go to and click on “Log in with Spotify”.

After plugging in your Spotify credentials you should be redirected to a page that shows who you are logged in as, with two oAuth tokens. Copy the bottom “Refresh token”.

Get a copy of the new Spotify index.js file
Now grab a new version of the Spotify plugin’s index.js file from here: … y/index.js

Plug in the refresh token you got from above
In line 451 replace the x’s with your refresh token:

var refreshToken = 'xxxxxxxxx';

Copy the edited file to your Volumio system
Now copy this file over to your Volumio system. First save the current version of the plugin’s index.js file:

ssh volumio@volumio.local
cd /data/plugins/music_service/spop/
cp index.js index.js.old
scp user@<your PC>:/path/to/new/index.js .

Reboot your Volumio system. Now you should be able to browse to your Spotify plugin, and with luck, “My Playlists” will work! Tested on Volumio 2.555.

Thank you, I appreciate your work! Your update is working for me ( V 2.565) :slight_smile:

But there still seems to be an issue with the " Featured Playlists" and “Genre and Moods” tabs, they still are not working. If i add these Playlists to my Playlists they are working fine. I think its feasable to fix them too, but I don’t get along well with javascript… :confused:

Hi There, didn’t test those things yesterday. Fortunately it was an easy fix. Grab the latest index.js file here: … y/index.js

You should be good to go. I’ll do thorough testing later today, but I believe everything is working now.

thanks for your Work. Will you also update the Plugin within the next few Days, as I am not very familiar with ssh.

The core Volumio team will be releasing a newly updated Spotify plugin in the next few weeks. In the mean time, if you have any friends who are computer geeks I would recommend buying them a beer or two and they can do the update for you in a couple of minutes. :slight_smile:

Worked for me. Thanks for the update!

THANKS!!! Works like a charm!

Thank you very much, it’s working also for me :smiley:

Just copied this over on my Volumio Pi and reimplimented my support. I can now add playlists to the queue and play them, but the song list doesn’t load when browsing the playlists in “Featured Playlists” and “Genres & Moods” like with the pre update.

Sorry, there’s a newer version of the plugin on the master branch you can grab here that contains the fix for Features Playlists and Genres and Moods: … y/index.js

Just installed it and can confirm that it fixes the issue. Thanks.

Is only need copy the .js or reinstall complet the plugin? i have trouble i see list with copy .js but spotify not play…

any tip? thx

Thanks, it is working.
Do you plan some permanent solution in the form of plugin update?

Yes, the core Volumio team is working on releasing a production version of the plugin that will not require people to go out to the AWS server I’m using to execute the Oauth workflow to generate the access tokens. It should happen soon!